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Mill-Tel in Tulsa, Oklahoma is currently hiring field technicians.

Canidate needs to meet the following criteria:
-Good customer service skills
-Basic computer skills
-Ability to lift 70lbs
-Ability to work with and climb a 28' ext. ladder
-Reliable truck, van, or SUV with a ladder rack
-Valid Drivers License
-Ability to pass a criminal background check
-Able to pass drug tests

Cable and phone knowledge is preferred but not required.

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    MILL-TEL Wichita Office
    5550 N. Hydraulic
    Wichita, KS 67219
    phone - 316.262.7171
    toll-free - 888.409.2225
    fax - 316.262.2947

    MILL-TEL Kansas City Office
    514 E. 10th Ave.
    Kansas City, MO 64116
    phone - 816.474.4020
    fax - 816.474.3116

    MILL-TEL Arkansas Office
    5480 Hailey Suite D
    Springdale, AR 72762
    phone - 479.419.5570
    fax - 479.419.5572

    MILL-TEL Tulsa Office
    10301 E. 51st St. Suite D
    Tulsa, OK 74145
    phone - 918.392.3365
    fax - 918.392.3364